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Welcome to Skins and Needles Cambridgeshire


At skins and Needles Cambridgeshire we have provided the highest quality laser beauty treatments and body piercings since 2018 based in Littleport, Cambridgeshire
At Skins and Needles Cambridgeshire we don't use just any old laser machine.. we use the best laser technology on the market and the most important thing is that we comply to the new Medical Directive Regulations which come into force in May 2021. This is a new standard of Medical Grade and as of 26th May 2021 all laser machine used in Europe and the UK are required to be Medical Directive Regulation approved. Please make sure you do your research before having any type of laser treatment.. any reputable company will show you proof of training, ownership of the machine, proof of yearly servicing and also they comply to new law regulations. 
We not only care about your results, it's paramount that your health and safety always comes first.  The quality of an MDR system produces far better results, safety and compliance than a non MDR system. Its sad to say that there is company's out there who don't comply and are putting people at risk.. always be reassured when you come to us for any laser treatments your be in the best hands.

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