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Tattoo Laser Removal

Tattoo laser removal: Tattoo Services

What Is Tattoo Laser removal

Tattoo ink particles are too large for the body’s immune system to remove naturally because when tattoo pigment is injected into the lower layers of the skin (dermis) it becomes locked away by a wall of collagen fibres. Tattoo laser removal produce very short bursts of high energy laser light. The light is absorbed by the large ink particles, generating heat that shatters the tattoo pigment into minute particles which the body is able to remove. Because the tattoo ink selectively absorbs the laser energy, the surrounding skin doesn’t overheat and there is no lasting damage.

✔Remove all colours of tattoos
✔Suitable for all skin types
✔ Non aggressive to skin

Who Can Have the treatment

We can treat all skin types with the AW3 ND YAG Q-switch laser machine. we can set the machine with the skin type you are to give you the best results. We determine your skin type by our fitzpatrick scale. (see above photo)

Before any treatment begins we will need to know your medical history. If you have any of the following we will not be able to perform any form of laser treatment

-Heart Disease

- Burns / Grafter skin

- Haemangioma

- Aids

- Gold Injections

- Haemophilia

- Anti Coagulants

- Pregnancy / Breastfeeding

- Keloid formation / scars (to the area to be treated)

- Cancer (radiation/ chemotherapy)

- Epilepsy

- Psoriasis

- Vitiligo

- Lupus Disease

- Active tan (30 days)

- Pacemaker

- Clotting Disorders

- Anti inflammatory medication

If you are currently taking any medication, you will need to bring this to your consultation with a doctors note to state it is safe for you to have laser treatment. The reason for this is certain medications can cause pigment change to the skin, photosensitivity (can cause burns), thinning of the skin (which can cause the laser light to burn the skin), anti coagulants (thinning of the blood causes higher risk of uncontrollable bleeding).

If you have been on any medication within 6 weeks of starting the treatment or inbetween sessions (such as antibotics) you will need to let us know as we may have to delay the sessions

Treatment Process

At your first appointment we will have a look at your tattoo and advise prices. We will talk about the whole procedure and see if this treatment is right for you. If you are taking any medication, you will need to bring this with you and a doctors note to state it's safe for you to have this treatment as some medications are photo sensitive which can cause a reaction. We need to see a form of ID such as driving license or passport. The appointment can take up to an hour. If you are happy with everything, we can then perform a patch test and fill the registration forms in. This would be at a cost of £30 and can be done the same day as your consultation. Two weeks later we can then perform your 1st session of tattoo laser removal. Each session you must wait a minimum of 6 weeks in between for healing.

Other body laser removal Services

At skins and needles Cambridgeshire we dont only offer tattoo laser removal. Other treatments we can carry out are:

- Semi permanent make up removal

- removal of microblading eyebrows

- Freckle removal

- Solar Lentigines (sunspots) removal

- Thread veins (broken veins) removal

The process is the same as tattoo laser removal. Any questions please email us

Laser Aftercare Pre / Post Instructions

Pre -Treatment Care

It is important that before receiving the AW3 IPL/Laser Treatment you follow the recommended pre-treatment guidelines for 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE TREATMENT.

  • Do not use sun beds

  • Do not sun bathe

  • Do not use tanning Cream

  • For thread vein, DO NOT SMOKE for 4 hours before the treatment

Please shave the area to be treated the day before or on the day of the treatment

Post Treatment Care

After any AW3 IPL/ Laser treatment, it is common for the area to feel slightly warm. It is also common to experience some redness, Local swelling and mild tenderness. These symptoms may appear immediately or a few days after treatment.

  • The use of is recommended directly after the treatment and for a further few days if necessary.

  • An can be applied if the area feels hot or uncomfortable.

  • A high should be applied when outside for 4 weeks after treatment. Excessive exposure can cause hypo or hyper pigmentation of the skin.

  • After three days the use of LASER AFTERCARE BALM is recommended. A small amount to be used on the treatment area. This can be used 2-3 times daily, as required to moisture and maintain the treatment area.

For the next 48 hours (after all treatments):

  • Avoid all heat treatments such as steam rooms, saunas, hot baths, hot showers and excessive exercise.

  • Avoid all perfumed creams, soaps and lotions on the treatment area. Only use 100 % Aloe Vera gel.

  • Do not touch, pick or scratch the area

  • Do not use any anti-inflammatory products for 7 days after treatment

NOTE: If you find the area treated is sensitive, continue the list above for the next week. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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